Thursday, June 3, 2010


The range of emotions the past few weeks has been wide.

I find myself in a panic and worried about the toilet backing up again and the plumber busting another pipe under the house, and about my dwindling bank account, and about my unorganized mess that I now live in, and about the fact that I am physically at work just trying to make it through without totally breaking down. I know that all of this will soon pass and as long as we keep on working now it will all pay off in the future.

Yesterday amidst my pile of clothes on the floor and bed in our bedroom I found my yellow Livestrong wristband. I decided that until the carefree days of loaded bank accounts, solid floors and not leaking pipes comes will wear it as a reminder of how wonderful life truly is.

A few weeks ago I mailed some posters to my friend Tom, who works for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Since the posters had a very tight time frame for arrival and distribution we decided that mailing them to his office was the best option.
I addressed the package to "Tom c/o the Lance Armstrong Foundation".
After waiting in line at the post office, the clerk called me up and began entering my package information. He paused, looked up at me, and excitedly said "is this really going to Lance Armstrong!?"
I smiled and told him it was in fact going to his foundation but not really him.
I looked down at the clerk's proud Livestrong wristband just as he began telling me his survival story. He told me that after he recovered from his treatment for colon cancer the Livestrong foundation sent him a package. He was shocked and delighted because he had not even signed up for anything! But he is now a faithful Livestrong supporter, as it really helped him through recovery.
His story brought a smile to my face and I was so happy to have made him that excited about mailing a package to the Lance Armstrong (foundation).
After my package was paid for and marked for delivery, the clerk said "hold on for a minute. I have something for you."
He disappeared into the back and then came back to the counter with a Livestrong Wristband for me!

His story was inspiring. Human nature is powerful and it proves time and time again just how strong we can all be in this life.

This isn't the worst situation that Jon and I could be in. Yes - it is tough but we have our health. And now we have each other.

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