Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Head

For the first time in my life, I needed "professional" headshots.
Thankfully my Sister is a seasoned and talented photographer. She is pretty much great at most things, including: making her own clothes, upcycling handbags, cooking, decorating, DIYing anything!, painting, and now photography!

We scheduled a bit of I'll-scratch-your-back-if-you-scratch-mine time one weekend. She needed a model for some new bags and headbands for her website and etsy shop and I needed headshots.

My Sister is also a great stylist,.. of course, so it was a bonus to have someone to fix my flyaway hairs and give me advice about what to wear.

These are the photos, courtesy of Marci Guthiel, that I submitted with the headshot request:

Aaaand one not so serious photo for good measure: