Tuesday, December 27, 2011

the only constant in life


The Holidays are usually a good time marker in which we can stand and reflect back on the past year and look forward to the new year upon us.

I was finally able to spend some time with my family which included a visit to see my Grandmother yesterday. She is a very strong woman living with advanced Alzheimer's. She told me, in Spanish, the same story over and over for about an hour of how she only had 3 children and was very naive when she married at age 19. She adamently said -- "it's wasn't like like it is today."

Being at my Grandmother's house reminded me of the part of my childhood that I somehow have not forgot.
Growing up, each year my Grandparents would have a New Year's Eve slumber "party" for all of the grandkids. We would stay up late and watch Grandma cook cinnamon buñuelos. We would pop open sparkling cider, sound our noisemakers as we counted down to Midnight! I think that my Grandparents enjoyed it just as much as we did.

Ah, to be young!

The Road to Grandma's House

This year, I received a special Christmas gift from my Parents--
A few months ago, I flew to Austin and somehow in the Airport shuffle I lost the ring that my Mom had given me on my 28th Birthday. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Austin but my hand felt strange because it was missing the ring that I had worn for almost 4 years. I called the Airport a few times but my ring was never reported or returned.
So, for Christmas this year,.. My Parents replaced the ring for me! Hooray, It feels so great to have my ring back! I slept with the ring on my finger on Christmas Eve and woke up with that excited feeling on Christmas day as I realized that I had my ring back.
I will aim to responsibly hold onto this one for as long as possible.

As I feel myself age into a more mature "Me", I feel so conscious and aware of my life, my past, and of course my future.
I feel that the past year was challenging and presented me with many situations in which really reinforced who I am. Not who I was, nor who I will become -- but who I am now.

I am so thankful.