Thursday, October 23, 2008

Life Lecture

Last weekend was fortunate to attend a Life Lecture given by Sri Ashwini Prajnaa, an Indian spiritual scholar.


After about an hour of Pranayama (yoga breathing), a few Indian pastries and a cup of green tea, I settled in for a lecture of ideas.

He preached but was not preachy.

Maybe it was the Pranayama done in such a way as I have never experience, maybe it was the 30+ people in the small studio which was warm, maybe it was the green tea.. or maybe it was just listening to a person simply talk about his life; something ignited within.

He spoke of treating the body as a vehicle towards enlightenment. Just as any vehicle needs, our bodies too need maintenance and fuels to travel. And with proper consumption of all of these things one can reach true salvation.
Along with Progress we must face and accept Stress. Progress. Stress. Stress. Progress. The task is to find, live and balance between the two.
The closing portion of the lecture was an acknowledgement of the healing power of something we may take for granted... laughter. Yes, laughter. We spent the remainder of the class laughing. I love the photo above because it embodies just that spirit. The spirit of Sri Ashwini Prajnaa laughter, teaching and love.