Monday, November 16, 2009

happy sprouts

Well wishes do come true!
I found this little $3 plant during a late night Walgreen's experience. He was happily living in my office making my work day delightful when the Vortex of Negative Evil that sometimes takes over my workplace killed him D:
I arrived to the office one Monday to find my guy sans leaves! ohhh no. I brought him home to my lovely little Boofie Cave (apartment) which is clearly filled with positive energy & "all things that are good", re-potted him and wished him well.

After a month and a half of no signs of life -- I was shocked the other day when i noticed -- SPROUTS! wow.

HAPPY SPROUTS that will not capitulate to the Vortex of Negative Evil... and neither will I!

Friday, November 6, 2009

"Okra lovers Unite."

Word of mouth lead me to what turned out to be a very inspiring lecture of ideas by Amos Paul Kennedy Jr, a letter press and book artist from Gordo, Alabama. His ideas seem simple yet unexplored. Their intention is to stir emotion and inspire.

"Why is it fair that we are trying to better ourselves with higher education and then leave institutions as indentured servants with $20,000 in debt?!"

Amos lectured on minimalist principles from how much to charge for artwork to what makes a person happy and it doesn't really matter where you live -- as long as you are able to create. The latter is a thought I have had the past two years.

I wonder if i would create more if i was surrounded by like-minded people that i could share ideas and create energy with or if being surrounded by those very people would distract me to the point that i would create less. At this point in my life, I am my best & hardest (and only) critic. Whatever I think is right! and good!... because i am the only one subjectively critiquing. which seems to be a great way to work by way of feeding my own ego and confidence in my work.

For Amos Paul Kennedy, this seems like the only way to work -- no distractions in the small town of Gordo Alabama (pop. 1,677), plenty of time to dedicated to the art and be simple.

"Artist have the biggest egos." because their ideas are exposed to everyone.
raw feelings on the line for others to openly critique.