Thursday, June 25, 2009


it seems that all is right.

i cant explain the meaning of my statement -- but it just seems that so many missteps have lead to -- the right step. a true testament ... to things coming full circle. just when i thought i couldnt bear another minute -- everything changed! minutes became stepping stones for ideas fed by love carried to clouds which have rained production.

and now love. for all things life.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Labors of Love

Therapy Artist Collective, my sister Marci & I, participated in the second monthly DAM {Downtown Art Market}! It was a great opportunity to pump out some new artwork, meet other creatives and give the community an opportunity to buy some THERAPY -- "everyone needs some."

we "decorated" our tent with these awesome paper flower print globes. the pink matched that of our therapy logo. of course!

the Therapy Artist Collective sign hung proudly on our tent!

table spread inside the Therapy booth, complete with mock up gift wrapping that we offered to our customers.

Although it proved to be a blistering hot summer day in the heat of texas we kept our spirits alive and well! Marci and I have never shown art work together and surprisingly our work... works. together! many of the colors Marci uses in her bag collection are same of my poster work. which is surprising in itself because we work independently at our own studios. i guess it is a testament to the idea that we are a COLLECTIVE. we inspire each other to create and obviously share an artistic aesthetic.

Marci & I seem to work well together on all fronts. our booth proved to be one of the popular spots at the art market and we were proud to see people leaving the market -- Therapy bags in hand! while sweltering in the heat we couldnt help but feed off of the creative energy all around us. marci & i made a list of new Therapy items to be featured at the next DAM.

i am excited to be a part of this blossoming art venture which will potentially shape our large texas town into a thriving artist community.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

lucky rocks

the San Marcos was just as lovely as i remembered it -- a crisp 68 degrees -- which, by the way, is the perfect temperature to compliment the hot texas heat.

my hair did not wave the same way it used to. and i attribute it to the loss of my 10 inches.

the river water was so clear. standing on the bank of the river -- i could see the rocks at the bottom! i found a flip flop floating solo and made a 5 rock sculpture on some stairs.

i would completely ignore all of my responsibilities if i lived near a body of water this beautiful -- so i guess it is a good thing that i do not.