Thursday, April 29, 2010


Flowers, from the one you love, for absolutely no reason could brighten any day!
Just the other day I was wishing (to myself) that he was the kind of boy that gave flowers just because -- and then I realized that HE IS the kind of boy that gives flowers just because!

We are 2 weeks away from moving into our new house and I am learning new things about him everyday. What an exciting time in life <3

Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Longevity" eh?

The "greenest" way to start the greenest (Earth) day?..
Green Drink.

Yesterday, I spent the most amount of time in my entire life in the produce department searching for things i have never even heard of, only to spend the most amount of money in my entire life on the produce i have never even heard of.

But I believe it was money very well spent.

The Green Drink concoction started early this morning. Me cutting and measuring things and Jon forcefully stuffing them into the blender. I was a little hesitant-- as I am with most things but the sight of Jon (literally) chugging the Green Drink made me dive right in.

And as I read in a few blogs it really did taste like "salad in a glass". Not too bad!!

The effects were instant.

I am a habitual coffee drinker. I gave up on limiting my coffee intake to only the weekdays a few months ago. And I am now a 1-3 cup of black coffee kinda girl. So as the word "habit" implies-- i arrived at work and poured my first cup, took a sip..... ..
and that is where that cup of coffee sat all day. I was so energized by what must have been the Dr. Fuhrman's Miracle Green Drink that i needed not the caffeine induced boost today!

And more importantly I felt a little smarter today. a little braver. As i told my co-worker Sarah -- " I don't know if the World could handle me on the Green Drink everyday." :D

Friday, April 16, 2010

Gettin' Grown

For the first time in my life i can actually feel my growing pains.
The pains of gettin' grown.

I am traveling the path between who i used to be and who i am becoming.
the person i used to be has been naturally easy to let go of and i am quite comfortable letting the person i am becoming move on in.

I am now officially a "morning person". not by choice. But rather because i just get tired early and then my body wakes up early.
(Oh, and all of this is aided by the fact that Jonathan is the happiest ray of sunshine the morning has ever seen). so i too, am coming around to the idea.
For the first time in my life, i actually owed money to the IRS for my income taxes. ! which i am sure is what happens when one is found somewhere between a young adult -- and dare i say -- AN ADULT.

Thoughts that have never crossed my mind have as of late:
Do i belong in the Misses or Ladies section?
Am i too old to wear pig tails?
Could i plant a garden?
Is it inappropriate to have Ugly Dolls, pez dispensers and musical monkeys in my office?

As I wrap up my first year as an internship supervisor or as my interns like to say "Boss" -- i realize that i am no longer "that kid". That hungry kid who couldn't get enough.
And lately i have felt a slip in my creativity... or at least in the way i find it. It is just different than it used to be. Just as with all things -- Gettin' Grown is not easy -- but i am embracing it.