Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Longevity" eh?

The "greenest" way to start the greenest (Earth) day?..
Green Drink.

Yesterday, I spent the most amount of time in my entire life in the produce department searching for things i have never even heard of, only to spend the most amount of money in my entire life on the produce i have never even heard of.

But I believe it was money very well spent.

The Green Drink concoction started early this morning. Me cutting and measuring things and Jon forcefully stuffing them into the blender. I was a little hesitant-- as I am with most things but the sight of Jon (literally) chugging the Green Drink made me dive right in.

And as I read in a few blogs it really did taste like "salad in a glass". Not too bad!!

The effects were instant.

I am a habitual coffee drinker. I gave up on limiting my coffee intake to only the weekdays a few months ago. And I am now a 1-3 cup of black coffee kinda girl. So as the word "habit" implies-- i arrived at work and poured my first cup, took a sip..... ..
and that is where that cup of coffee sat all day. I was so energized by what must have been the Dr. Fuhrman's Miracle Green Drink that i needed not the caffeine induced boost today!

And more importantly I felt a little smarter today. a little braver. As i told my co-worker Sarah -- " I don't know if the World could handle me on the Green Drink everyday." :D

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