Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Everything is getting to me..

The weeks of unorganization are finally getting to me..
I am actually surprised that it took this long to show up! Maybe I am becoming more tolerant or patient at least.
I finally finished moving all of my things from my apartment to my new house last night at midnight. And officially turned in the keys today.
The past few years, I have considered myself somewhat of a "minimalist" -- but from the looks of my moving stacks -- quite the contrary. Maybe this just means I am due for a material cleanse!
My drawers finally found their way back into the dresser sometime late last night,the black clothes in my closet are making friends with the color clothes, the clean clothes are in the dirty clothes piles and the dirty ones probably hanging, and the only accessory I have successfully found was worn for the past three days -- so today I gave it a rest. I somehow managed to find clothes for work this week -- maybe because I am beyond caring what I look like right now :)

My studio room must be the worst. It has become more of a garage space for items that can't move to their proper places yet. There is still paint touch ups to do, cabinets to be hung, and furniture to be put together and moved before the real organization of anything can begin.

I long for the day when the rug is lined up with the baseboards, the bird on the coffee table is facing the correct direction, the paint towels are separated from the kitchen towels, the red books are next to the red books and the black clothes are next to the black clothes. This is when being a real organization freak starts to itch under my skin..

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