Sunday, May 16, 2010


As with most residential moves comes the fun task of new things. Things to make the place you live the home in which you live.
A few days ago I traveled to Ikealand. That is -- the Land that is IKEA.
I thank my lucky stars and I browsed online before I acutally went in. Whew!
The Krebbs Boys and I began our journey without reading the Laws of the Land which I am sure perfectly describe how one is to experience and function in the Land. We blindly browsed through the store carefully stopping at all of the displays and then somewhere along the way the pace seemed to pick up. This mission to find cool things was on.
We saw the kitchen shelves, that I had been online eyeing for days, beautifully displayed in a mock kitchen. sold. As the miles of "rooms" seemed to get longer we hurried our pace and began power walking through the store but the end seemed no where in sight! At one point Chris saw the sun shining through a window and shouted "Look! The Outside!"
The trek through the displays ended at the same point that the Pick-It-Up-Yourself-Because-Thats-How-It-Works-Here section began. Then came the miles the display items modern and minimally packaged for your own carrying convenience. We saw the shelves and decided that grabbing them ourselves was a great idea! -- had we read the Laws of the Land we might have know that was the only idea.
I lingered too long in the Bedding and somehow lost the Krebbs Boys. I assumed they were just ahead of me but as my gait became a full-on run I couldn't find them anywhere. To my left Home Storage and to my right Bathroom Accessories and The End was no where in sight. I had a minor panic attack. And then decided that I would have to forge forward without the Boys.
After the Pick-It-Up-Yourself-Because-Thats-How-It-Works-Here section ended the Massive-Warehouse section began!
My cell phone calls went unanswered and by that point I was running through the Land trying desperately to reach the end.
Relief! The checkout was in sight and the Boys had found a cozy patio bench to rest themselves. As we were checking out I pointed to the chandelier that was part of my mission and told the cashier I would take that as well. He looked at me like I was crazy and at that point another employee told us that we had to get it ourselves. "Its in the Lighting Department." (thanks.)
I looked up at Jonathan with desperation in my eyes and I knew that I was the only one who wanted that chandelier enough to brave the Land again. I handed my things to Jonathan and said
"Im going back in."
Success! I got my chandelier. The Knappa.

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