Wednesday, June 23, 2010

coloring outside the lines

As I enter a new stage of my life as a designer I am discovering new and interesting things about myself, my style and my work.

As a bright-eyed child, my sister and I occupied many of our summers exploring Harwell elementary school where my mother was a Principal. We had no choice but to entertain ourselves. So we made things out of paper: purses wallets, bags, and books. And in elementary school I made countless books that were illustrated, "type-set" and saddle stitched (well... stapled.) And as I grew up and people asked "So, What do you want to be when you grow up?" -- (after I got over the idea that I wanted to work at the same Car Wash that my aunt did) -- my answer was always "An Author!" Which then turned into the idea that I wanted to work for a fashion or travel magazine..
So -- the expression "This is what I was born to do." seems quite fitting for me in my life.

 The first time I opened Adobe PageMaker, in 1995, I fell in love.  I was an editor for my High School Yearbook, Newspaper and Literary Magazine. And when Texas Tech School of Journalism didn't seem like a good fit for me the Southwest Texas State Art Department did. And in 2007, I graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design!

In college, I distinctly remember showing up for class on a critique day and when my turn to show & share my piece came, a fellow student said "Your outfit matches your poster". Meaning that I was dressing in the same colors as I was designing in. And that continued. The past 3 years, in an effort to simplify my mind and cleanse my (designers) palette - I now wear only neutral colors, mainly black.

As I set out on the wonderful path to brand and art direct another season at the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra I decided that I would really shake things up! That idea coupled with my recent and ongoing struggle to find my creativity lead me to travel through an experimental stage:

The idea was to pick a completely different color palette for the new season. And after selecting and unselecting many combinations I finally found one that I loved and I felt could carry the theme through the new season.

Upon comparing the NEW colors to the OLD colors from last season. I REALIZED, THAT I PICKED THE SAME COLORS. different tints.

Now, I am definitely not doubting the craft that "i was born to do" and I do not for one minute think that I am a One-Trick-Pony -- its more that I realize that these are the colors that speak to me. I function in these colors. I design in these colors. I live in these colors.

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SummersStudio said...

And this is a beautiful pallete! I think its OK to be drawn to certain pallete and just re-invente the images you want to use. Colour is a powerful brand all by itself!