Monday, July 16, 2012

Module #2

Module #2 of Yoga Yoga Teacher training is finished and life is more beautiful than ever.

The experience of last week, Module #2, was dramatically different than that of Module #1. Thankfully.

I now know, that in June when I endured 7 days of YYTT -- physically I was prepared.. mentally I was not.

I thought that because I had a great yoga practice and was physically fit and healthy, that I was ready for Yoga Teacher training. However, in hindsight, I realized that mental preparation is just as important as physical preparation.

During Module #1, my mind was resisting the changes that were happening to my life. I didn't eat enough, I didn't sleep enough, and I went to Austin thinking that my life could resume as normal.
However, my mind traveled far ahead, and my body is just now catching up.

During Module #2, I mentally prepared myself for the worse. But was comforted within the first few days as I began to feel and inner peace and relaxation that had abandoned my body years ago.

I attended 2 Restorative Yoga classes while I was in Austin and left with an overall feeling of happiness. My body felt rested, peaceful, healthy, and strong.
The past 3 years, I have avoided Restorative and Yin Yoga classes simply because I thought they were boring, not "fast enough", and "not challenging enough". But that was just my ego obstructing the true path. With my ego under control, I was really able to let go and see the path.
I have a high-stress, high adrenaline, fast career and lifestyle -- so my yoga practice should be anything but that.
Now, I am not revoking my Ashtanga yoga practice by any means -- but rather adding an new element of restoration into the equation.
Restoration for my body and most importantly my mind. Yoga is beautiful path in which to connect the body and mind.

"Strong" was the word that resonated with me all week. Before the journey I prayed for "strength" and during the journey I prayed for a "strong" mind and body. The intention that I set each time I returned to my mat was "strength". And I am happy to report that my body and mind did in fact receive strength and I was able to endure the entire journey with sound body and sound mind.

During the next month, I will teach 6 beginner yoga classes as well as attend 11 public yoga classes (including Yin Yoga!) and then I will travel back to Yoga Yoga Austin for 1 final week of teacher training and GRADUATION!
And, just as those before me, I will work to spread the beautiful practice that is yoga.


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