Monday, February 13, 2012


I attended a wonderful lecture a few weeks ago in which the guest speaker, a native of Albuquerque, NM, spoke so very highly of the city/town* of Lubbock, Texas.

*"city/town" is a term similar to that of a "man/boy". Not quite a man, not quite a boy. Example: "He's a man/boy."

The topic of the lecture was "color", how we are influenced by color, why we wear the colors that we do, and what colors we associate with or buy, etc. Pantone released the new "Color of the Year" -- Tangerine Tango! Passionate, exciting, colorful, full of life and hope. It's 2012 people!!
Definitely not my color but I can appreciate it for its modern attention grabbing edge. Recently, I designed a newspaper ad and graphics for a new TV spot employing -- THE 2012 Color of the Year: Pantone 1463!

During the lecture we formed groups and collectively decided 2 colors that were "Lubbock, Texas". The room was unanimous in picking: Brown/Gold and Sky Blue Pink. Leave it to a bunch of designers to pick 4 color blends for a 2 color assignment!

I imagine we all had an images similar to these in our minds:

My drive home from work. Lubbock, Texas 2011

  Sky Blue Pink. Lubbock, Texas 2011

Sunset. Lubbock, Texas 2011

Ooooor maybe we all had an images similar to this in our minds:

Arial View. Lubbock, Texas September 2011

 Haboob, reminiscent of the Dust Bowl. Lubbock, Texas Fall 2011

I learned that our beautiful, inspiring, humbling and unforgettable "West Texas sunset" colors are actually incredibly vibrant due to the amount of dust in our atmosphere.

The guest speaker raved that she had recently traveled in every major city in Texas: Dallas, Houston, Austin, and (as she said) "San Antone" and was pleasantly surprised to see more economic growth and construction in Lubbock than any other Texas city at the present time!

Most Lubbockites know that the cost of living in the Lubbock area is far below the national average. And as a result of this low cost of living both employers and their employees benefit from a higher standard of living for less than almost anywhere else in the nation.
We have real estate investment opportunities among us, a fantastic job market with just enough room to come together as a community yet friendly compete with each other. Oh, and we have a pretty great Art and Music scene too!

Now, if we could only get some water...

 San Marcos, Texas 2010


Therapy Girl said...

Beautiful and inspiring post! Nothing like beautiful west Texas. It takes a person with grit and imagination to see it sometimes. But there are many different forms of beauty. Here in Lubbock it is in our skies, our wide open spaces, and especially the warmth of the people who inhabit West Texas. We are almost like our own little country out here! Lubbock is lucky to have people like you. People with creativity, hard working, and willingness to see beauty where others may not. Now as for the water. Well, there's always your sister's pool ;).

valbrown said...

Thanks Marci!
It's our own little oasis.. with your salt water pool. Come on Summer!