Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Kind Life

Just as many do around the first of the year, I decided to make a few resolutions of my own:

- work less/make more time for friends
- embrace a complete vegan diet
- start a compost
- start a rainwater collection

I made great strides toward my first 2 resolutions in the first few weeks of the New Year. For my birthday, I hosted a Vegan Birthday Brunch.

I crafted these "paper balls" from an old newspaper and used them as a hanging center piece. (My girlfriend Claire crafted the really wild ones)

The simple recycled craft paper table runner dawned these beautiful fresh flower and soy candles.

The menu --
Cafe M's Vegan Benedict with Smart Bacon
Almond Cocoa Pancakes
Tiny Toasts with Grape Jelly
Fruit Salad with Soy Yogurt
Fresh juiced Orange and Apple juice

aaaand Mimosas, Bloody Marys, and Screwdrivers. Brunch staples.
None of my friends are Vegan (or Vegetarian) however, they are very open minded and tried all of the food. There were rave reviews!
The food was delicious and the company was lovely.
The attendees (a few neighbors, including one  that I met in yoga class and had never hung out with, a few old friends, and some very new ones as well) all got along wonderfully.

The Vegan Birthday Brunch is going down in my culinary experience as a success!

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