Tuesday, September 20, 2011


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As I have blogged about many times the past few years -- Yoga is an integral part of my life. It completes my day, balances me, and leads me towards my path in life.

I realized recently that my yoga practice has some what plateaued in that I have seen much progress in the past few years from having zero core strength to now balancing in headstand! -- however, the past few months have seen very little progression. I am not regressing -- thank goodness. But there are many poses that I would love to incorporate into my repertoire -- however, my body is simply unable. :(

So, I made the decision to begin Strength Training with a personal trainer.

For the sake of taking my yoga practice to the next level, I am all in. 100%.
My Strength Training began with an overall body assessment -- which was frightening and interesting all at the same time. My trainer determined that my diet was in tip-top shape however -- my work out habits were not. I, in fact, had plateaued my progress.

So, an hour after learning so much about the muscles of the body and how one does in fact build muscle strength -- I committed myself to 1 YEAR of Strength Training. 3 times a week. 45 minutes of either Chest & Triceps, Back & Biceps, or Legs + 30 minutes of cardio + 1-2 Yoga classes a week.

During my first work out, with my Trainer by my side, I felt the sudden impulse to spew. (sorry for the graphic content) ugh, yeah. I felt like throwing up. I held it all in and began to feel normal again a few hours afterward. The same impulse during work out #2. Ugh. However, we are on WEEK 3 and all is well. No more spew feeling. Just the feeling of accomplishment!
I am not going to say that I love going to the gym/working out almost every day of the week, and the thought of being dedicated to this schedule for the next year is almost too much to handle - however, it feels great to know that I have tackled this challenge and I am sticking with it. Progressing forward.

And, I am excited to see which yoga poses my strong future will afford me.
Side Crow
Forearm Balance

+ many many more :)


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