Monday, December 27, 2010


Recently, my dad left his company and made the lofty decision to start his own construction company. He had unanimous support coming from my direction and I realized that the idea of supporting your own parent's dreams comes rarely in our lifetimes. I love the idea, of course. He knows so much about the business of building beautiful structures and has been changing the landscape of the environment for over 35 years!

Once his decision was made... the next natural step was to CREATE A LOGO. Fantastic! Here is where I am allowed to help out. My Dad really was a difficult client that pushed me to my boundaries and then forced me to expand beyond them to complete the task. Which, is basically what parents do.

The company is called Double Eagle.
A double eagle is a score of 3-under par on any individual golf hole. To make a double eagle, the golfer must:
  • Score a 1 (hole in one) on a par-4 hole
  • Score a 2 on a par-5 hole
Or score on a 3 on a par-6 hole, but par-6s are rare. Double eagles on par-3 holes are not possible. Double eagles are extremely rare, more rare, in fact, than aces.


We went through 3 rounds of complete revisions and then Dad led me to the exact direction he was envisioning. Amazing.

This is where we landed. I love the logo (and so does my client). Hooray for Double Eagle! Good luck out there!

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