Friday, October 1, 2010

Dream a Little Dream

Last Winter, I read Christian Siriano's Fierce Style cover to cover.
I love Project Runway and totally adored Christian's style and attitude that went along with it. He was 22 years old and the youngest person to ever win Project Runway.

I remember reading a chapter in his book: "Finding Your Own Inspiration". He describes the scary and anxious feeling of having your dreams come true.

"When you're just reaching for something you want, the possibilities seem endless. But when you've got it, that's where the stress comes in."
"It can be scary when your dreams come true, because then there's a danger of it ending."

He goes on to write that "there are no guarantees in life, but I'm living my dream now, and dreaming up new ones while I am at it."

Apparently, "Living The Dream" is hard. For everyone.


db1648 said...

Girl, I am so happy for you! I am sadly still in the dreaming big dreams/reaching for the stars phase. Things still feel really far off and unattainable for me. But knowing that you are there, living in the midst of it all gives me hope that one day I will get there too. If anyone deserves this kind of bliss and success, it is you. I am so glad that you life path has taken this turn towards such over flowing happiness.

valbrown said...

You are an amazing friend. And one of the most honest and beautiful people that I know.
The trials and tribulations of life can be so amazing. I am happy that we are connected <3

db1648 said...

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valbrown said...

12/17! :D Yes yes yes