Friday, August 6, 2010

first day

Monday was my first day of my life as a self-employed full time artist. And today marks the first Friday of my self-employed lifestyle. I can honestly say that Friday is no longer more exciting than Monday, Tuesday or any other day of the week. Except for the fact that this Friday I feel much more settled in my new work space.

I officially spend more time in this room of my house than any other. It is quite lovely!

Gone are the days of working with other's inabilities to lead organized and productive work lives.
THIS is my organized workspace.

In the past I looked to a color wheel for inspiration. Now I look to my Color Wall. Thank you to my local hardware store for the paint swatches. <3

I have always wanted a natural-lit space within my work environment to relax, clear my mind, read a book or stretch my legs... And now I have one!

So far, I am dedicated to starting my work day just after a breakfast, a cup of coffee, and a bit of yoga. I have allotted myself multiple breaks throughout the day for the daily grind and then another bit of yoga. I am sure my new schedule will become routine as time wears on. But all in all, this all feels like a vacation. And I think that is a great sign of good things to come!

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