Thursday, March 4, 2010

Apple strikes again!

The Apple Magic Mouse is one of my favorite Apple products!
i've had mine for almost 2 months now and just realized how much I love it.

I spent the last 4 years with an ergonomic 3M mouse that worked wonders for my carpal tunnel so I was a little skeptical when making the switch.

The first few days i found the Magic Mouse to be too heavy and hard to keep under control. My carpal tunnel surfaced again for the first time in years. i considered the idea that maybe the Magic Mouse and i were simply not meant to be. but then.. with the "click of a finger" it all changed and became very natural.
i fell in love with my Magic Mouse and i am sure he fell in love with me too :)

Last week, i traded out my Magic for the 3M due to low batteries and i realized how natural the Magic and i had grown to work together. i dearly missed the one finger scrolling and zooming options and found the 3M "cord" cumbersome. So, with fresh batteries locked and loaded in my Magic Mouse i am free to mouse wirelessly, scroll right/left/up and down, shortcut right click and zoom all with the magic touch a my hand!

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