Wednesday, February 17, 2010

nixon now.. and again

Nixon -- another brand i have grown faithful to.
Last week I found this watch buried deep within the archives of bracelets, charms, necklaces and rings that i once loved, could never get rid of, but will never wear again..
i instantly remembered that i discontinued the wear of my beloved watch because of a loose clasp. well!, i took the watch to a repair shop immediately -- a new clasp, a new battery, and $27 later -- I have a new watch!

i cant recall exactly what year i got it or where i bought it from but i know i have found love again.

this watch, which apparently is not available anymore, is clearly the coolest women's watch Nixon has made to date. its more like a bracelet than a watch. lightweight and very functional.

time frames and deadlines are a part of my everyday life -- so if i wear a watch it is under constant observation. however, things are different when i wear this watch! -- checking the time is an option requiring a small flip of the face, kinetic movement, to know what time it is. brilliant!

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