Friday, July 16, 2010

This is my family.

I started practicing yoga after my friend Tom introduced it to me. My sister taught me how to sew, and now I am hooked. I recently developed a realistic optimism towards entrepreneurship because of Jon. And I feel comfortable with life's changes after listening to my friend Kristine tell me about her path.

We tend to take on characteristics and tendencies of those we are around. And anyone who has ever been around me knows that Design is my life. I live and breath it every moment of my life (even in my sleep) :)

So, it is no shocker that while sitting at dinner with my sister, my nephew and one pen -- we all had a logo to draw on the paper table cloth!

This was Taylor's tag (logo):

My sister's Therapy logo which we collaborated on:  (She drew it spot on!)

And my Brown Design logo, that is still in development:

And we gave a final homage to JMB with the "SAMO" tag:

Man, I love my family!

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maya said...

this makes me miss my family! i love the creativity :)