Tuesday, October 20, 2009

i do!

photo: me. my favorite office coffee mug

Everyday should start with a little Milton Glaser.

I had a conversation with a friend last weekend about how "men are more talented than women". crazy thought. but.. hummm, I wonder if it is true. I think about all of my immortal heroes: Dario Robleto. Matthew Barney. Ryan McGinness. Banksy. Egon Schiele. Tord Boontje. George Orwell. Massimo Vignelli. The Factory. Donald Judd. Milton Glaser. Herman Hess. Sagmeister. Wes Anderson. Anthony Bourdain. the asterisk.


well, the gender of "the asterisk" is not yet determined but I would venture to say the asterisk is in fact a man -- characteristics being physically secure and confident, sarcastic, alterior motives, underlying meanings and hard for most to pronounce. a man.

What is it about these men that made them so? And is "it" something that is unattainable to women? Why are all of "the greats" -- at least the ones in my world -- men?..

I was once mistaken for a man before an design interview. I submitted my resume, was called in and interviewed and then in a moment of honesty the Art Director told me -- based on my resume, their whole firm thought i "was a man". I was impressed with myself. And inspired to make more non-gender specific art.

I don't want to be a man. I love being a woman. And I love men.
But surely there is more to this than simply "men are more talented than women". Maybe it is something that men posses that women are simply lacking. And does that lacking include all women? fingers crossed that maybe I am in the minority and one day I will wake up and realize that I am too am one of my own immortal heroes.

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